Established in 2007, This German-based brand offers a refreshed take on fashion and sustainability. Passionate believers of fairness, equality and beautiful products, Armedangels produce quality garments with creative and innovative designs. A brand that aims to be stylish and not trend-focused but instead produce modern organic collections. With a firm aspiration of fair fashion rather than fast fashion, Armedangels have an elegantly inspired and artistic aesthetic designed to change to world.

    Established in 1894, this iconic brand is known for its strong British heritage and high-quality craftsmanship. Inspired by the British countryside and the appreciation of style, Barbour brings the qualities of wit, grit and glamour to its perfectly practical clothing. Beginning its journey with the famous wax jacket, it has now grown to fulfil an entire clothing line and accessories running parallel to their values and ethos surrounding fashion and function.

    A vibrant Italian brand born in 1982, reaching worldwide popularity throughout the 80s and early 90s. Motivated by socio-cultural ideals, music and art, this brand formed an individual identity. Best Company exists from expressing and valuing membership, coolness, and optimism in its aesthetics. Making an innovative comeback, Olmes Carretti has produced a creative clothing line, reflecting that of its timeless and artistic success.

    A global lifestyle brand with over 50 years in the making. Founded in 1968, Calvin Klein continues to transpire bold, progressive principles inspired by social development and artistic passion. With a strong heritage and a famous aesthetic, Calvin Klein is known as one of the largest apparel fashion brands. This iconic label is a pioneer for many youthful reputable trends, valuing authenticity and individuality that thrive to make a positive impact.

    From rail road to street, this brand has adapted to the dynamic environment of today. Carhartt, founded in 1889, provided Detroit’s blue-collar workers with duck overalls until the 90’s saw a rise in popularity for street art and music. Carhartt WIP entered Europe in 1989 using their expertise, high-quality and durable values to penetrate and be at the forefront of the street and skate industry. An urban aesthetic with simple utilitarian designs and bold graphics.

    A brand built from organic roots and sustainable practice. Colorful Standard is a Danish brand that embark on producing high-quality essentials for every day. This company is conscious clean, priding themselves on working with charities and using the finest cotton, manufactured in Portugal under European guidelines. The range consists of wardrobe necessities in classic hues, all expertly coloured and crafted with style and functionality in mind.

    Known for its functional, military-inspired outerwear, CP Company thrive in producing innovative and expressive clothing as a form of symbolic identity. Founded in 1975, this Italian brand has a creative and successful heritage that still exists today. With constant research, this brand continues to invent new creations using different fabrics sourced across the world, experimenting with technical properties and details that enhance practicality and uniqueness to each garment.
  • DANTE 6

    Dante6 began its journey in 2009, using high-end qualities and clean silhouettes to produce desirable clothing for women. Combining luxury with affordability, Dante6 is designed with the confident and stylish women in mind. This brand is recognized as one of the leading brands in Dutch fashion. Influenced by the Florentine Poët Dante Alighieri, Dante6 aims to chase ideal beauty and enhance natural features. A premium brand that offers timeless style internationally through elegantly refined fabrics and finishes.

    A journey which began in japan, 1947 by Mr Tsunemi who has a strong passion for denim. Edwin is known for its innovation and direction, revolutionising the denim industry by creating fresh unique washes. Today, Edwin thrive in creating high-quality denim jeans combining its Japanese background, craftsmanship and expertise. Valuing itself using exclusive fabrics and technology, it continues to progress in perfecting design and fit.
  • ETON

    Crafting premium shirts since 1928, Eton have established a timeless brand combining their Swedish craftsmanship and attention to detail. Producing high-quality and practical formal wear that offers a unique finish and fit. The brand is seen as a leader, educating and increasing the importance of the shirt as a building block for the perfect suit. Expertly designed for all shapes, sizes and style with the sophisticated and polished man in mind.

    A Danish brand based in Copenhagen that promotes an adventurous and authentic way of life. Founded in 2014, this fresh brand is inspired by nature, slowing down and going off-line with comfort being its core influence. A brand name meaning ‘forest’ in French communicates its passion and relays a message to embrace and appreciate the outdoors. Each collection is based on a journey with a design ethos surrounding simplicity, intertwining street-style and class.

    A fashion-forward brand with unique designs and a true sense of style. Established in 1972, French Connection are driven by innovation and change, finding the perfect balance between creative ideas and functionality. Continuing to be design-led, it executes its clothing lines to a high-quality finish. With a stylish and sexy personality, French Connection create a bold and intelligent identity, expressing great attitude. Now, it runs an entire clothing line for a trendy character.
  • G.H BASS

    With a strong history dating back to 1876, G.H. Bass & Co have updated the Norwegian farm shoe with a stylish twist that still remains a fashion statement today. Producing the world’s first Penny Loafer under the name ‘Weejuns’, famously worn on everyone’s feet, most associated as being a ‘president shoe’. Producing high-quality footwear with a look and feel that always lasts, this brand provides a range of highly-practical and fashionable shoes combining tradition, skill, quality and style.

    Spreading happiness since 2008, This Swedish brand combines quality, craftsmanship and creativity to produce underwear for all. Happy Socks are full of energic style perfect for showing fun personality. Designed with bold colours and creative patterns, producing socks that have an individual and fashionably quirky look. Crafted from a combination of cotton fabrics to produce a comfy and cosy sock perfect for him and her to wear every day as a form of expression allowing you to create a bold statement.

    Encompassing the spectrum of English restraint and contemporary edge, Hardy Amies is designed for the modern British gentleman. Founded in 1945, this brand strives from its heritage and legacy of its innovative founder. With an ambition to democratize tailoring, it aims to bridge the gap between the established classes and those that shop on the high-street. Believing that elegant attire could work for all, Hardy Amies design suiting and smart-casual clothing with comfort and cut being the core focus.

    A brand known for its sophisticated and contemporary collections focused on quality and design. BOSS menswear premium status is demonstrated from its superior tailoring techniques and high-quality suits. Offering more than the perfect suit, Hugo Boss also feature casual and athleisure pieces across different lines, adapted to individual style and purpose. Presenting sharp, clean looks for a complete wardrobe belonging to a stylish man with a fast-paced modern lifestyle.

    With fresh ideas and a new beginning, this brand is bringing a youthful global look into the world of women’s fashion. Inspired by the ‘IVY league’ culture of savvy and resourceful individuals who have bold ambitions. Expressing innovation and encouraging creative aspirations amongst all, this brand aims to empower a younger segment by building a world and platform where design and cross-channel communication go hand-in-hand with quality and craft.

    Growing from Swedish roots and a love for fashion and sport, J.Lindeberg is a brand seeking to serve energetic and aware customers. Combining style and personality from fashion and the functionality of sportswear, it has merged the two to create a fashion line for active lifestyles. Aiming to inspire adventurous explorers, J.Lindeberg stays true to their social and cultural values, producing high-quality and practical collections with a stylistic edge.

    The ultimate luxury jean brand. Jacob Cohën, originally founded in Italy 1985, created hard-wearing workwear. The brand has received a new personality after revamping the look in 2003. With the same values and aim, Jacob Cohën now produce superior jeans that are expertly crafted from unique materials with a premium look and feel. The brand prides itself on producing creative stand-out features and limited editions that simply do not compare to other jean brands.

    A British shoemaker valuing high-quality craftsmanship. With great expertise and experience, this brand excels in producing cutting edge designs and using innovative techniques to express elegant yet flamboyant character. Jeffery West utilise an array of leathers and colours to create new imaginations that the men’s shoe industry is missing. The brand creates an intriguing concept of re-working the traditional shoe with a stylistic reference to their brand history.
  • JLB

    Throwing it back to the late 18th Century, J.L. Berlue produce shirts and tailoring with a stylish signature look filled with elegance and individuality. With passion that drives from an influential lifestyle and the appreciation of fine details, this brand recognizes the importance of a high-quality, stylish and practical formal garment. From shirts to tailoring, J.L. Berlue produce distinct looks crafted from the finest materials. Designed in Manchester and established in 2011, this iconic approach to men’s shirting has an eccentric twist.

    John Smedley has been creating the finest knitwear since 1784. This British Brand is known for its craftsmanship and quality, using luxurious fabrics and expertly hand-stitched methods. Thriving to produce knitted garments that have a contemporary look that will transcend generations. Today, they continue to use innovative designs to produce stylish high-quality knitwear for the sophisticated man that appreciates quality and style. A premium collection that will last the length of time.

    Reflecting a brand for change, Kronstadt is a Danish menswear brand known for its early funky shirts with wide collars, broad cuffs and cool materials. Now the brand focuses on close fits, discrete detail and stylized collars with quality still being a key element. Established in 1999, Kronstadt have now grown into a successful recognized brand staying true to its origins of cool designs, great materials and characterful details. From bold colourfull prints to subtle tonal patterns, there is something for everyone.

    Aiming to bring and represent the true British style in footwear, London Brogues have 30 years’ experience in the footwear industry and aspire to not just be a brand but a lifestyle also. Bringing fashion, quality, comfort and affordability to customers each season, London Brogues pride themselves in being a reliable family run business. Producing both formal and casual footwear, this brand has something for every man. Passionate about fine details, their shoes reflect just that.
  • LUKE 1977

    Luke 1977 is a lifestyle brand, reflecting practical interpretations of contemporary menswear. Targeting men with different tastes, Luke provide multiple clothing lines to meet all needs, styles, fits and demands from several generations. A friendly brand that seeks to complete every man’s wardrobe from basic essentials to statement pieces. Luke’s innovation and quality heightens their success in this competitive and dynamic industry.

    A globally recognised brand with a strong golfing history. Lyle & Scott became popular in the sports industry in its early years and also became present in the indie scene with the likes of The Artic Monkeys buying into the brand. The label today still holds a high status and remains a premium quality line, combining style, comfort and functionality into each design. This brand is all about versatile simplicity with classic timeless pieces that can be worn all year round.

    MA.STRUM exists at the intersect of fashion and function, a brand known for its dedication to the pursuit of textile innovation and utilitarian design. Established in 2008 as a partnership with the Massimo Osti Archive, this brand is now successfully running independently. Significantly influenced by the worlds of sportswear, performance clothing and military design, it creates timeless, highly-practical yet uniquely stylish garments that go beyond that of a fashion trend.
  • MAC

    One of the leading manufactures of trousers in Europe, MAC was founded in 1973 generating simple but effective ideas, combining its values of craftsmanship with modern trends. Priding itself on only working with high-quality and flawless materials as well as using innovative technologies and ecological production methods. MAC continues to produce faultless fitting, comfortable and stylish pieces to form the perfect cut of designer jeans.

    Established in 1878, Matchless originally produced motorcycles. The success of their strong heritage and history with bicycles lead the brand to diverse into clothing, specifically bikers jackets. Expertly crafted to suit the practicalities as well as the appearance of some of the most successful motorcyclists, these timeless jackets are packed full of style, purpose and power. This globally recognized brand has been worn by several influential figures over its lifetime and still remains a statement today.

    An Italian lifestyle brand that expresses freedom and peace. Producing ready-to-wear women’s clothing with an all-inclusive selection of formal-informality. A brand still influenced strongly by its original heritage of sport, Max Mara continue to utilise similar materials whilst style and fit is updated. Its signature butterfly logo symbolises the idea of brightness and independence, encouraging choice and calm progression through fashionable clothing.

    Native Youth is a fashion brand based in Manchester that design stylish everyday clothing for men and women. A brand that focuses on future trends and proactively collect premium fabrics to produce high-quality seasonal garments. With an edgy and trendy style, this brand expresses and encourages creativity amongst all. Inspired by the world of culture, Native Youth provide all backgrounds with a basis for current fashion, uniting power and passion.

    An Italian brand born in 2006 with an adventurous heritage and ambition. Parajumpers is highly inspired by the outdoors and in particular, the PJs that are trained for extreme rescues and recoveries in the wildest corners of the world. Designed with purpose and style at the forefront of the creation, Parajumpers are perfectly practical and fashionably functional. A brand formed by designer Massimo Rossetti, holding heaps of expertise and stylistic knowledge, successfully producing the finest outerwear.

    Paul & Shark has transcended from its roots in luxury Italian sportswear into popular British fashion culture. Its iconic sailing history marked its futuristic success which signalled the start of its whole new water-repellent knitwear collection. Today, Paul & Shark feature high-end, technical materials to create diverse product lines that are uniquely branded with its signature shark logo. A success story that reflects a level of timeless elegance within men’s clothing.

    Founded in 1975, Penfield is a clothing brand built from the love of outdoor adventures. This creative and innovative brand experiment with materials to push boundaries and implement newness into the outerwear sector, challenging the strength of down insulated jackets. Now, with a combination of fabric development, high quality, practicality, durability, function and style, Penfield bring iconic clothing collections that signifies living a wonderful life in the open, appreciating the outdoors as well as style.

    Offering design-led fashion with an Italian twist. Remus Uomo is a tailoring brand that seek to serve off-duty casuals to men obtaining a serious attitude towards style. Inspired to change the solid foundations of formal tailoring, it builds a concept around understated sophistication and presents each collection based on world class models and cultural statements. Creating a structure that values quality, comfort and appearance, generating a unique identity amongst men’s fashion.

    Established in 1982, premium Italian Brand Stone Island, specialises in surface treatment of fabrics and dyeing techniques which makes it stand out as THE premium sportswear brand. Well known for it's removeable compass patch on the arm, the brand is as important to the younger generations now as it was 30 years ago. Stone Island is only available to buy instore - contact us at sales@ashworthandbird.com for further assistance

    Now over 100 years old, Superga has adapted its iconic 2750 shoe to produce a collection experimenting with different fabrics, textures, colours and structures whilst still reflecting their purpose and heritage. The classic Superga shoe is designed for all genders, styles, generations and cultures, providing a staple shoe that is packed with comfort, functionality and tasteful design. Emitting a timeless aura, offering high-quality shoes that will last the length of time.

    A luxury UK brand that produces stylish clothing for men, women and children. Founded in 1988, Ted Baker exists from its strong reputation of high-quality sophistication. Built from the founders’ personality that is still very much present in the brand today, it focuses on excellence and attention to detail with a quirky sense of humour. Designed with elegant and creative patterns and prints, Ted Baker offer premium clothing for the entire family.

    Quality flat caps designed and made in Yorkshire using British woollen fabrics, materials and local labour. The brand uses new ideas and small quantities of specialist fabrics whilst ensuring traditional skills are used to produce a unique range of caps. Passionate about supporting British rural communities, it operates in an environmentally conscious way to enhance and appreciate quality of life, reflected in their high-quality and durable products.

    Delivering premium styling, quality and value worldwide, Tommy Hilfiger is one of the leading lifestyle designer brands that is internationally recognised for pioneering and expressing its classic American cool style. With an inclusive and youthful spirit, it is inspired by the iconic pop culture and American heritage. Tommy Hilfiger, founded in 1985, is driven by an optimistic vision to break conventions and celebrate individuality through clothing for all.
  • VILA

    Owned by the family-run Danish fashion house Bestseller, VILA became established in 1994, creating an alternative fashion platform for young women with a personal style. VILA has a mission close to its values, creating feminine fashion with focus on quality, design and details. Combining simplicity, elegance and sensuality, its signature style is expressed in a mix of prints, delicate cuts and fine detail with a high trend awareness.

    Famous for its innovative, inspiring and quirky designs, Vivienne’s personality is reflected in all collections and continues to challenge expectations today. Inspired by early punk, rock, music and culture, Vivienne Westwood is known for its iconic heritage that marked certain changes in fashion history. Labelled as one of the best British designers, this brand creates artistic garments that go against meeting popular and seasonal trends.

    Born from the love of travel and fine materials, this Belgium- France brand produce everyday basics from natural materials. Priding themselves on exceptional quality, this brand only use premium fabrics such as Cashmere, Cotton, Linen and Silk. Inspired by purpose, it produces garments of a timeless nature that go against meeting the latest trends and instead follow you through seasons and time. Vue Sur Mer aim to elevate your everyday look by adding comfort, luxury and ease.